February 4, 2019

We're pleased to announce the latest addition to Spencer & Vogel!

From Sacramento, California, Gregory Cain offers you an open invitation to step into a sonic pool of contemplation, peace and relaxation.  Using flutes, guitars, voices, percussion and keyboards, Mr. Cain creates musical textures that he describes as a blend of ambient, tribal and new age genres.

Greg’s musical journey has taken many turns.  He has worked as a studio musician, and has written and performed with several Northern California based bands, including Sway, nûs and Dance the Moon.  As the founding member of nûs, he recorded a CD for SubRosa Records under the direction of renowned producer Bill Laswell.

In 2001 Greg put band membership aside in order to pursue his own interest in studying and creating ethnic and ambient music.  “Basically I’ve never looked back,” he says.

In 2005, after the completion of his first solo CD, When the Wind is High, he responded to a friend’s request to create a CD of music geared toward practitioners of the healing arts.  As Greg relates, “My friend told me that he was beginning a practice of tai-chi, and that he was having difficulty finding music to use as an accompaniment.  He listened to my CD, and he said, ‘If you took these musical ideas, removed the rhythmic elements and made the pieces 20-minutes long, they’d be perfect.’  So, I took it as a challenge, and decided to try it as an exercise.”  The result was his second CD, The Cambrian Sky.  “I was really excited, and people’s response was very positive,” Greg remembers, “I sent my friend a copy of that CD and he wrote back, ‘It’s wonderful, but I’m not doing tai-chi anymore, I’ve begun salsa dancing.’  Well, I couldn’t really help him with that.”

Greg has been creating contemplative, relaxing ambient music ever since.  To date he has completed 11 solo CD’s.   “Creating this music feels like coming home,” he says.

Greg’s recent battle with leukemia has served to sharpen his focus on the healing and therapeutic value of music.  “I’ve always had the idea that the experience of art should in some way elevate the human spirit. What I want to do with this music is to bring people to a more aware place through a meditative listening process.”

Please visit http://gregorycain.net/samples.html to hear some examples of his work.

(916) 213-4889