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Seventeen Months

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Recorded, mixed & mastered by Mark F. Maier, TJROX Audio, Lodi, California, June 28, 2016.
Electric Guitar & Vocals: Tim Spencer
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals: Bart Vogel


Seventeen months to leave you lonely. For my heart to break.
Seventeen months for the sky to fall down. To miss you dear.
Seventeen months for my heart to heal. For mind to be free.
Seventeen months to fall in love again. Seventeen months to fall away.
Chorus: Oh, why does it seem so long? Yet seem like you just were here.
I’m amazed how the wounds have gone. How healing healed. How healing healed.
Seventeen months dying to stay. Wanting to give up.
Seventeen months wanting to give in. I’m finding a life.
Seventeen months see it all come around. I’ve got to forgive.
Seventeen months never forgotten. Seventeen months for that wound to heal.
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